Welcome to GigaMaidens.moe, the really REALLY official blog of GigaMaidens, a 3D fighting game featuring a cast of giant superpowered city-destroying women. I’m Josh, a Canadian fighting game fan pursuing a gamedev dream, wanting to realize a universe I’ve had in my head since I was in junior high.

Here you will find that universe laid bare for all to see – one that I plan to explore through video games and possibly other media in the future. This journal is to be used to chronicle my game development journey, pieces of artwork by myself and others featuring my characters, and a history of this fighting game project ongoing for the past decade.

If you’re at all familiar with GigaMaidens and are here to ask “when’s GigaMaidens” or want to know where I’m at with the project, start by reading this article on the development timeline and where we are right now. In short, development on GM itself is paused while we work on smaller games in the same universe, for the purpose of looking more appealing to financiers of large game projects. They like it when we have completed projects under our belts, so we are working on some smaller games first that will hopefully lead us to the big game.

Join me on my quest for giant woman fightan and let me tell you a tale of the lore, universe and characters I’ve had simmering in my brain for decades.

Visit the GigaJournal to catch all the updates on GigaMaidens and its surrounding universe.

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