Life Blog: Hallow, Everynyan!

Kasha being spooky for October. Click to enlarge.

Welcome to the blogpost for October. It’s almost been a year since I started this blog! Halloween is tomorrow and I have no plans at all. Just another day like usual for me. Trick or Treaters rarely even come around in my neighborhood.

This post is gonna be a quick one. I’m just gonna give a brief rundown on what’s been happening with me. In a nutshell, my life has gotten a bit more hectic. A family member of mine had a stress induced syncope at their work (basically a fainting spell) and this has forced them into a position of early retirement, so I am helping out with their financial needs at home until they get their retirement funds settled. So this among other things has been eating up my time and my money, and for various reasons I haven’t been able to make much progress on my projects.

For one reason or another, the last few blogposts have been really dry. I haven’t been able to produce a substantial and “meaty” blogpost for you guys to sink your teeth into with all that’s been going on with me. Therefore I am announcing that I am going to begin pulling back from monthly blog updates, starting today. I still plan to update fairly regularly, but they’ll likely be spaced out even further, in order to give myself time to produce more posts with substantial and quality content. Things are getting sketchy and I just can’t commit to a regular update schedule anymore. I have to pull back for my own mental health as well as for productivity reasons. The pressure is mounting and I have to release it somehow.

While no longer being once a month, what this means going forward is that future updates will have considerably more “meat” to them and less, uh, gristle. As I’ve said I’m still preparing concept art, character bios, and other stuff – I still have a few more music tracks I’d like to debut. And I have some other fun things in the works too.

Regarding the games themselves: work on Hole-in-Nyan continues slowly. Like I’ve said, the plan is still to release a free webgame version of HIN with a paid Steam/itch version later down the line. However, it’s shaping up to be a very robust project and I can’t guarantee an ETA for this thing, and I’ve been antsy to get something finished and out the door, so in the meantime I’ve tried to work that makes use of my existing skills with pixel art: an 80’s arcade style Kasha game called “Kasha’s Pest Control”.

Cute, isn’t it? It’s just a simple game about Kasha taking care of the house while Milchi’s away, and having to stop the pests before they trash the place. Prove you’re a big girl, Kasha, you can do it!

Hopefully I should be able to have Kasha’s Pest Control on Newgrounds by Christmas or January. Don’t wanna promise anything as I know I’ve made it a habit of getting over-excited about something I’m doing and then failing to deliver. I’m making KPC in Godot engine so that’s been a slow learning process as well. I’ve also been helping out another dev with enemy sprites on a project he’s been working on, a first-person remake of Rogue, so I have been keeping busy. I don’t know when he’s gonna release this, but at this time, about half of the enemy sprites are finished.

Now, one last thing. Since the one year anniversary of this blog is coming up in November, I was planning on doing something special and GigaMaidens-related to celebrate the occasion. To that end, I was thinking… what if I released the existing demo builds of GM that I’ve had done already?

These demos have been sitting on my backups for a while. I don’t think they’re gonna blow your minds or anything, but I just thought it’d be a fun little treat to release them and get something GM-related into your hands at long last. I’ll post a blogpost on that when the time comes, thinking it’ll be around the time of 8chan’s AGDG demo day, which is on November 11.

In any case, that’s all for today. Have a Happy Halloween and maybe I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

Kasha says: “Don’t get spooked, haunted or slashed! Only the brave may survive October.”

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