Giga New Year 2023 – With A Fanmade New Year’s Gift!

At the time of writing this it’s 45 minutes from midnight on… February 4th, but whatever! Happy new year! Welcome to the first post of the new year!

Now I have been trying to wait until I’ve had substantial content or news to post, which is why you haven’t heard from me lately, but I’m still alive and still spinning wheels. Coding is really difficult work and I’ve had to seek help. But I’ll post more on those projects when the time comes.

For now though, what prompted me to make this post is that it is once again demo day on 8chan, and a group of people went and made a little GigaMaidens fan game called MicroMaidens!

Quite a nifty surprise! The above game was created by MichaelDev and Team MicroMaidens. And now you can play it too!

It features 4 playable characters and a couple of secret (unfinished) characters, an arcade mode, two player versus, and training mode. It is very buggy, of course, but it is delightful nonetheless! I really commend these guys for their effort, this was a very nice thing to see and it did put a smile on my face. It even guest stars Blista, a character from another 8chan fangame. And of course, Milchi is the best character in the game, as she should be. Thanks for recognizing that, MichaelDev, I can see you are a gentleman of culture and refinement as well. Although I imagine she’d balk at the idea of picking up short people to devour them whole… wouldn’t she? She is kind-hearted, not an empty-headed brute! Perhaps whether or not she’d eat people is a question for Kasha to ask her.

Download and play MicroMaidens here:

Default controls are as follows:

Player 1:
WASD – Movement/Menu Navigation
C – Attack/Confirm
V – Heavy Attack/”Back”
B – Jump
N – Block
G – Throw Macro
F – Attack + Heavy Attack Macro

Space Bar – Pause/Start

Player 2:
Arrow Keys – Movement/Menu Navigation
H – Attack/Confirm
J – Heavy Attack/”Back”
K – Jump
L – Block
Y – Throw Macro
U – Attack + Heavy Attack Macro
Enter Key – Pause/Start

That’s all for today, and I’ll be back soon hopefully with more news and artwork to share with you all. See you around, and enjoy the February weather.

Kasha found her gift from Milchi, a plush tamandua! Drawing by Gutsbro14. Click to enlarge.

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