Life Blog: ‘Vid Skid

Already into the second month of the new year and I’ve hit a snag.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a wheeze and a dry cough that a doctor told me “could be COVID” (he didn’t test me because apparently tests in my province are now only being reserved for the desperately ill). Because of that I’ve been trying to take it easy. Haven’t really been making much progress on anything or even exercising like I used to.

The doctor didn’t seem worried about my wheeze so neither am I. Since I got both my vaccinations, he said to just wait it out and it should take care of itself. But it has stymied my production and made me too lethargic to work or do much of anything, so all I’ve really been doing is playing Mario Kart and Pinball FX3 for the past couple of weeks and forgetting to get back to work. I keep feeling like I need this cough to go away before I dive back into doing anything, but obviously that’s just me making excuses and I should at least try to work on my games some more. I may not be able to exercise with this cough but I can at least get back on track with my digital projects and learning. I’ll see about doing that tomorrow. My head just hasn’t been in the right place lately with all the anxiety I’ve been dealing with – it’s been keeping me up at night and also waking me up early sometimes. I might not be the best person to listen to on this because lord knows my lack of motivation really is a difficult mountain for me to hike over, but at times when I feel unmotivated I feel it’s best to remember the reason WHY you want to do something.

I’m doing it for her.

Kasha Kart. Drawn by Malev.

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