GigaMaidens Musical Sampler #2

Greetings friends, I am back again with more GigaMaidens music for you to enjoy.

This time we’ll be having a listen to Drarin’s theme. Drarin is one of my friend Yilx’s characters who contributed half of the character designs for this game. While my characters come from the Country of Tokyo or COT universe, his characters are the giantesses that natively reside on Pera World.

Drarin is a mysterious and cruel giantess who takes carnal pleasure in destroying civilizations. She has the ability to rip holes in space-time with her gauntlets, which she uses to abduct cities to a pocket dimension she calls her “playroom”, where they are never seen again. Drarin appears to exist for the sole purpose of sowing chaos and devastation, and the inside of her jacket appears to be a portal to another dimension. Not much else is known about her, her motives or her origins, save for vague familial connections to two other GigaMaidens – Suzurin, who appears to be her little sister, and the sleeping goddess named Rayrin who appears to be their mother.

Drarin very openly has a crush on Sachi, the lead heroine of GigaMaidens, and wants to turn her over to the “dark side” so they can enjoy city-destroying makeout sessions together. Sachi, however, isn’t having any of it.

In gamedev related news, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I am juggling multiple things at once which I may talk about in a life blog very soon. I’m slowly chipping away at Hole-in-Nyan and presently focused on creating a 3D model of Kasha for the game. A tragedy very recently occurred in my life which I’m still emotionally recovering from so it’s been hard to find motivation, but I’m steadily getting it back together. As Funky Kong would say, you gotta always hang ten, even if your ten doesn’t wanna hang with you.

If you want a YouTube playlist of all the GM tracks I’ve posted so far, you can find it here:

I still have more music to share in future updates, as well as more character-related stuff like bios and lore tidbits, so keep checking back. Hope you enjoy the song. Talk to you later!

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