It’s Ours Now – Come Knock Me Off It

It’s about time I got around to establishing our hallowed ground.

Welcome to The really really actual official website for GigaMaidens. The .moe domain was really important and was something I had always planned to get from day one – currently there is another fake GigaMaidens website claiming to be us who have squatted on the .com version of the domain (I commend them for being committed to the jape for all this time), but the plan was always to get .moe anyways, so they can keep it. That’s how you know their domain is fake and ours is real.

For now, this website is simply a blog to post updates on GigaMaidens and my various other projects taking place in the Country of Tokyo universe, as well as rundowns on the characters, lore and information of the COT and of course a repository for all the cool artwork of my characters. The website may take on other forms in the future (I do eventually wish to open up forums for GM).

As some of my followers have known, I’ve been developing GigaMaidens for years while being kind of secretive. That’s all going to change now and I plan to be fully transparent about what’s being worked on going forward. Soon I’ll post an update on where the project is currently at and what my plans are to move ahead with it. Suffice it to say, it is unfortunately still a while off, but I am committed to finishing it and I will, barring some sort of unbelievably terrible happenstance. My big girls give me strength.

Here’s a pic of Sachi I drew.

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